Why I Was FINALLY Able to Enjoy Real Housewive’s of Atlanta; Thank You Nene

by Monday, May 11, 2015
photo credit: radaronline.com

photo credit: radaronline.com

I was an episode away from finally giving up on Real Housewive’s of Atlanta. That says a lot, because I’ve been a die hard FAN for YEARS. I enjoy seeing the ladies living their lives, becoming successful entrepreneurs, and an occasional spat or two. Hey, at least I was honest, lol. But when I say occasional, that’s exactly what I mean. I don’t have that type of petty drama in my life, so it’s much easier to indulge in it via t.v. every now and then. However, this season took things to a new level of immaturity. Almost every scene consisted of the ladies gossiping about one another, and I was officially over. I still believe Bravo producers were struggling with material/content and instructed the ladies to be on their messiest behavior for views. It amy have worked, but in my book, it was an EPIC fail.

Want to make Black women cringe? Continuously show other Black women on television acting a plum FOOL. *sigh* I can’t even entirely blame Bravo, because it takes TWO to tango, and the real housewives of Atlanta are WELL aware that the camera is filming.

Yep, I was THIS close to being done with #RHOA. But, did you guys see the final reunion episode that came on last night? Let’s forget about the same ole, same ole foolery that occurred for an entire hour and fast forward to NeNe Leake’s beautiful breakdown. Am I the only one who NEVER saw that coming? I knew NeNe had issue’s with her mom, but I would have never guessed it’s effecting her the way it is. It was the most beautiful and real moment I’ve EVER experienced while watching #RHOA.

Vulnerability is beautiful. Us as humans tend to live a life full of facades. We all want to be strong, because to be weak is a sign of failure. WRONG. NeNe breaking down and crying was the strongest thing she’s done in her entire career as a housewife of Atlanta, and it was very necessary. Notice how the tone of the reunion drastically changed AFTER Nene cried, and opened the door for compassion. NeNe can come across as a bully, but tonight shed some light on her ultra strong personality. It also gave me a semi soft spot for her. Semi, lol.

Let’s hope Bravo & #RHOA continue to go in the direction of being REAL. To be honest, the cattiness is played out, FYI. I hear positivity is better these days :)


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