Time Waits For No One: Life Update

by Saturday, June 7, 2014
Standing in the footsteps of Maya Angelou at The King Center (Atlanta).

Standing in the footsteps of Maya Angelou at The King Center (Atlanta).

Okay, let me catch my breath. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a “Life Update” post, because well… life has been moving, REALLY fast. I mean, it was just January, leaving me with 8 months to plan my wedding. Well, it is now June, and we are 3 MONTHS away from saying “I do”. Lesson of the year: Time waits for NO ONE.

Last weekend my fiancé and I went on a mini vacay to Atlanta. I absolutely LOVE Georgia, mainly because of the weather and it’s historical richness. My fiancé had never been to the King Center, so you know that was mandatory on our itinerary. I’ve been to The King Center on numerous occasions, but for some reason I’d never seen the walk of fame leading up to the center. What a difference parking on the other side makes. This time I took my time, carefully looking at the names of legends who made a difference in or world. I was standing in their shoes. And there it was. Dr. Maya Angelou’s footsteps. I’m sure if I’d seen this two weeks prior it wouldn’t have hit me the same, but seeing that Angelou passed away a week prior, this moment was everything.

Fill her shoes? Never. But it felt pretty good to stand in them for a moment. Maya Angelou impacted MANY, but for us writers, it’s different. We all know her story. From sex worker to best selling author, Maya Angelou was proof. Of what you say? Everything worthy. Proof that without struggle there is no progress. Proof that if God gives you something to say to this world,  NOTHING can block your voice from being heard. Well, nothing except one thing: you.

Time waits for no one or NOthing. Not even your gifts that you were predestined to share with the world. If Maya Angelou would have never shared her writing and life experiences with us, God would have raised up someone else. This is what I know and have always known, but for some reason it feels new. I guess I’ve NEVER seen time fly by this fast in life before. It’s scary, but a gentle reminder: Move. Or better yet, I found this quote online:

When you pray, move your feet.

So many of us are “waiting on God” before we start to pursue the dreams He put in our heart, but in actuality, God is waiting on us.


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