‘The Royale’ Opens at American Theatre Company in Chicago

by Thursday, March 12, 2015


I’m a legit fangirl of “Orange is The New Black”. Check out my post “5 Things Binge Watching ‘Orange is The New Black’ Taught Me About Myself”. This is slightly why I was anxious to check out “The Royale” written by ‘Orange is The New Black’ writer Marco Ramirez.

Showing at the American Theatre Company (Chicago), “The Royale” transforms us to 1910, where heavyweight colored champion Jack Johnson has done everything in his career, except have victory over a White opponent. Jack Johnson is up for the challenge, but not without conflict from sister Nina, on what could happen to a Black man claiming victory over a White man during those times.


¬†Although I’m a dedicated “Southsider”, it was cool to check out this creatively unique production on the North side of the city. My sister Kiera and I even enjoyed some amazing sushi and a cute little spot directly across the street from the theatre.

“The Royale” is great for a a date night or family event. “The Royale” is running Feb 20 – March 29. For more information visit www.atcweb.org.


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