Story of Job Comes to Life in TV One’s “To Hell and Back”

by Friday, April 3, 2015


One of the most powerful books of the Bible has to be Job, hands down. It’s hard not to be inspired by Job’s story of success, loss, and triumph.

This Saturday TV One presents “To Hell and Back”, which is a modern day adaptation of Job. I had a chance to chat with the Director of “To Hell and Back”, Christine Swanson, who just happens to be my cousin :)

Nikki: What is the inspiration for “To Hell & Back”?

Christine: TV One wanted to make a modern retelling of the story of Job and other stories from the bible. Next up, “For the Love of Ruth.”

N: What was your experience like working on set?

C: I had a cast of top notch actors, a great crew and a very supportive network. We all wanted to make a great project.

N: What do you hope viewers will take away from the film?

C: That God is in the midst of everything. The successes AND the pain. And in the midst of the pain is where we truly connect with God most of the time.

Check out the trailer for “To Hell and Back”.

“To Hell & Back” premieres on TV One, Saturday, April 4th, 8/7 C. Follow me on Twitter, as I live tweet: @Nikkiandthecity


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