Sometimes You Can Show Them, Better Than You Can Tell Them

by Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Ever been around a person who made sure you were aware of EVERY accomplishment they ever made in life? Ugh. I have, and IT. IS. SO. ANNOYING. 

Question: Have you ever been that person? I have, as well. *holds head in shame*

The other day I posted the following status on Facebook:

There’s no need to read off your entire resume to people in general conversation or try to esteem yourself to be better than others. Let your work speak for itself. Besides, sometimes you can show people better than you can tell them.

I remember when I realized I’d been doing this, I had to ask myself “Why?” I wanted people to know that I was “successful”. I needed them to understand that I wasn’t average. But in actuality, who cares? It dawned on me that majority of us are desperately trying to keep up a facade, terrified that others may discover who we REALLY are. God forbid people know I’m seeking opportunities to build my brand. And please don’t let them discover that another source of income could really help me right now. Nope. We’re all supposed to be well-accomplished and GOOD.

To be honest, I’m tired. I can’t be something I’m not. However, I also REFUSE to down play the successes that hard work, prayer, and God’s grace has granted me. You won’t find me tooting my own horn. As my counterparts like to say “Real G’s move in silence”. And besides, sometimes we can SHOW people better than we can TELL them, so let me shut up.


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