Pushing the reset button: My week in photos

by Tuesday, May 7, 2013


“I start over when necessary.”

Warmer weather makes my life easier. It really does. Blame it on the African blood in me, but I simply thrive during the warmer month’s. This past week in Chicago we had a few days that consisted of 80+ degree weather. I was in heaven, and of course ya’ll know I HAD to hit up PinkBerry.

For some reason I decided to push the reset button on a lot of things this week. I started the new year off super excited about the projects I was working on, and what’s to come, but I’ve hit a plateau. I gave myself a chance to really think about where I’m trying to go during the second half of 2013. Next week I plan to take action.

Enough about me… How was your week?

P.S. The picture above was taken in Cabrini Green orginal row houses. Classic Chicago. 

Pinkberry. And all of a sudden my troubles disappear…


Summertime is near… time to step my game up…


Made myself a smoothie for breakfast… Jamba Juice who?!?


Look what my coworker gave me! Can’t wait to go deeper…


How cute are these apple bananas?


Cinco de Mayo!



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