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One On One with Heather Lindsey


A few years ago I came across a blog that inspired me, gave me hope, and challenged me to no longer date “randoms”. This blog belonged to the amazing Heather Lindsey. Ummm was I living under a rock or something? How come I’d never heard of this woman who was being transparent about matters of the heart that we desperately try to hide. I soaked it all in. I read EVERY blog post, added her on Facebook, followed her on twitter, and Instagram. Heather Lindsey’s openness has most definitely been a blessing to me, which is why we chose to feature her on NATC for Women’s History Month. Check out our interview and be inspired :)

Nikki: It seems like Pinky Promise experienced overnight success. How does it feel to have a powerful movement across the nation?

Heather: I started blogging ( in 2010 and I just shared what was on my heart. By January 2012, a ton of people started following me. I literally looked up & asked, “WHERE did all these people come from?” I started the online boutique and the items were on back order for months, then I opened up the Pinky Promise Network ( which is like a Facebook for Christian Women. The ladies started small groups all over the country and meet for accountability & encouragement! Honestly, how does it feel? I’m surprised at how quickly God is moving this ministry. I am just thankful and humbled that He included me in it all. I just want to help women and see them whole, and God is using Pinky Promise to accomplish that task! It’s pretty cool!

N: You’re a mom, wife, and entrepreneur. How do you find a healthy balance to manage everything?

H: I think its important to make sure that your priorities are in place. God first, then my husband, then my son and then everything else. I make sure that Pinky Promise, our church, The Gathering Oasis and everything else is second to God and my family. I refuse to spend all day and night helping women but my house is a train-wreck and there’s no peace. I believe in taking care of your first ministry, which is home. I don’t want my family to ever feel second to the “ministry.”

Heather & I in ATL at The Gathering Oasis

Heather & I in ATL at The Gathering Oasis

N: Speaking of being a mom, Logan is so adorable, are there plans for more babies in the near future?

H: Thanks so much! He’s so amazing! Yes, we do want to have another one and then adopt one in the future! I would like to wait a LONG time, but if it were up to my husband, we would be pregnant right now. Thankfully, he is gracing me and being very understanding! lol


N: If you could say anything to your younger self, what would it be?

H: I would tell myself to spend more time with God and learn to trust Him and not your feelings. I would spend less time worrying about the timing of my future and more time enjoying the presence of God. There is truly a season under the sun for everything but we waste seasons stressed out over the next season! I have learned to enjoy my daily moments. I soak in time spent with my son, even if it’s at 2AM. I know that one day, he won’t fit in my arms. One day, he will stop breastfeeding. One day, he will grow up and get married and start a family. I’ve learned to just take a deep breath and enjoy wherever God is placing me. It’s so easy to find the negative in your day vs. the positive. Oh yeah, and younger self– that man didn’t want you. If he wanted you, he would honor you & your body vs. trying to play with your body and have sex with you outside of marriage. Break it off sista, he doesn’t love you– he loves “many”.

 N: What’s the main message you want woman to realize about themselves?

H: That God loves them so much. I know it sounds cliche but if we really believed that God loved us, then we wouldn’t give our bodies and our life for these men that use & abuse us! If you know that God loved you, you wouldn’t be in certain situations! So, your value and worth comes from God alone and NOTHING else. Spend crazy time with Him daily and let Him reveal to you WHO you really are in Him. He holds your whole world in His hands. He cares, He is with you.

Thank you sooooooo much Heather! To find out more about Heather Lindsey and the Pinky Promise Movement, click here

2 thoughts on “One On One with Heather Lindsey

  1. Shiro (Rahab)

    I love this Nikki, I learnt about Heather from your facebook and I’m so glad I did. Her wisdom helped me so much when I was messing up. I have since mentioned her to every single woman I know because I wish I had read those truths earlier. Now I’m married and I still love Heather!

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