My First Book “When God Said Yes” is Now Available for Purchase!!!

by Saturday, August 29, 2015


OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! Today is THEE day! I’ve been counting down to this day for years! Okay, for months! But it’s finally here! My first book “When God Said Yes” is now available for purchase on Amazon. 

Also, I have a secret up my sleep, but I can’t fully reveal that until tonight at my Chicago book launch. In the meantime, don’t you want to read my book?!?! To purchase, click here.

Let me know you purchased the book, by simply sending me a tweet to@Nikkiandthecity that says the following:

“I just purchased #WhenGodSaidYes by Nikki Carpenter.”

It is my desire to have the #WhenGodSaidYes hashtag trend, letting society know there’s a tribe of women who are waiting for their #WhenGodSaidYes moment.

Now, excuse me while I go relish in this moment. I have a book?!? I’m an author?!?! Say whattttttt?!?! You can’t tell me God ain’t good. Nope.

Love Always,


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