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Mixed Feelings About the “Chiraq” Documentary

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Well looky looky… There’s yet another documentary about the violence that plagues my sweet home Chicago. Vices music channel, Noisey, has produced an eight-party documentary entitled “Chiraq”.

There’s a few things about “Chiraq” that’s quite disturbing. Let’s begin with the name. Although many Chicagoans use this controversial term, which refers to Chicago having more killings than Iraq, there are some Chicagoans who cringe at its mentioning. One will never be able to justify how something negative has somehow been flipped into something positive. It’s like when I hear people justify the use of the N-word, proclaiming it’s evolved into a term of endearment. NO. It is wrong and will always be wrong. Chicago being coined “Chiraq” is not something to be celebrated, but that certainly isn’t the vibe I received from episode 1.

Thomas Morton of Noisey, chronicles and narrates Chicago’s hip hop scene, which has also become Chicago’s murder scene. In Chicago “Drill music” and “banging” are interchangeable. Yes, the gangs are using music to gang bang. I STILL don’t understand why radio stations continue to play certain songs, being fully knowledgable of this information, but we’ll address that another day. As a Chicagoan, I’ve grown accustomed to the new level of “banging” that includes music, and social media. An outsider like Thomas Morton is extremely foreign to what’s happening in our city, and it shows on his face.

Making a mockery of Chicago?

Chicago has one of the longest histories of gang violence. It’s basically the place that invented gangs. It’s the most segregated city in America. Basically, it’s the perfect breeding ground for anger, resent, and violence and the type of  awesome music that comes from such an environment. -Thomas Morton-

Sarcastic much? Although Morton never verbally expresses his disgust and confusion for what’s happening around him, it’s written all over his face. He had NO idea as to what was going on or why. It almost comes across like Noisey simply chose to do a documentary about Chicago, because it’s hot and trending. I’ll admit, the first episode of Chiraq was interesting and a bit informative, but what’s the underlining purpose? The violence of Chicago has been highlighted enough. If the purpose isn’t to make our city better, I have little to zero interest.

Maybe I’m tripping, or just to overprotective of my city. Check out episode 1 for yourself:

What are your thoughts? A new episode will be released every Wednesday through March 12 on Noisey. Will you be tuning in?

One thought on “Mixed Feelings About the “Chiraq” Documentary

  1. Damisses

    This is sad. It made y heart heavy… For chief keef but for our young black men. The boys at my school look up to him ..smh

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