Malcolm X Responds to Nicki Minaj (Video)

by Sunday, February 16, 2014


Why Nicki Minaj? Why? Why did you have to realease a song basically tearing down our Black men? And why did it have to be released during Black History Month? On top of that, you’re using Malcolm X’s image to promote your ignorance of referring to Black men as n*ggas. SHAME.

It bothers me when celebrities are no longer in touch with reality. Your roots go back to Trinidad. You were raised in Queens. While I’ve never traveled to either of those places, I imagine Black poverty looks the same in every community. Black men all over the world face the same struggle. Let me tell you what I’ve witnessed for some of my Black brothers in Chicago.

IF they haven’t been snatched up by the strong influence of gangs the plague our community, they attend a public school that really isn’t fit for the public. They struggle to find a job in what basically seems to be a employment drought. College may be a struggle, the prices of books alone are ridiculous, but they manage. But we haven’t even began to address the racism and prejudice events that indeed will occur, that they will have to ENDURE. If you think being Black is hard, try being a Black man. Yet you state the following:

“Bunch of none mogul a** n*ggas, frontin’ like they got a plan, Boost Mobile a** n*ggas. Can’t get a job so you plottin how to rob a** n*ggas… Even if that n*igga flew me and my b*tches all the way out to Dubai, p*ssy you try, p*ssy a** n*gga you lie.”


On top of degrading our Black men, you say Malcolm X was your inspiration. No-no. I’m pretty sure if Malcolm X was alive he would have some choice words for you. BUT, thank God for technology. Actually, Malcolm X does have a few words for you. Put together by Filmmaker Janks Morton, I found this video to be quite intriguing. Enjoy!

Have you seen Nicki Minaj’s video Lookin A** N*gga? What are your thoughts? Do you find the use of Malcolm X’s picture to be offensive? Sound off below!


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