Life Update: Dreaming of Fish

by Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Yes. I’ve been dreaming of fish lately. Actually, a lot. So, I finally made a decision: I’m becoming a Pescetarian… AGAIN!

I was a Pescetarian for 6 months, and then Stevie and I started dating, and I went back to eating it ALL. Smh. I also blame the fact that my friend Niehla and I went to the ATL, and you can NOT be in Atlanta, and NOT have fried chicken. You just can’t.

The meal that changed everything. Thanks, Busy Bee Cafe.

The meal that changed everything. Thanks, Busy Bee Cafe.

Well, lately I’ve been really grossed out by chicken. For some reason I can tell when it’s fake, and the injection of hormones is out of control. I thought my Pescetarian days were officially over, now that I’m married, but that’s false. The truth is, I’m going to have to work hard to maintain the integrity of my decision, seeing that my husband still eats cow, pig, chicken, and everything else. Except seafood. Steve isn’t a huge fan of seafood, which is about to become the essence of my diet. However, it’s worth it. I was looking at a few pictures of myself, when I was a Pescetarian and I was SO small, effortlessly. I miss those days… :(

One more thing: I wasn’t going to blog about this, because at one point in life I was the Queen of blogging about things I was “doing”, and falling flat on my face. However, I feel different about this. Ya’ll know the saying:

Nothing is more stronger than a made up mind. 

So for the second time around, if ya’ll know of any great Pescetarian recipes and tips, drop a line below :)


P.S. Smh at everyone who thought I was going to announce my pregnancy!

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  • Tee Elle
    May 26, 2015

    LOL at the P.S. because that’s EXACTLY what I thought!

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