I Interviewed Jonathan McReynolds for JET Magazine

by Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Hello friends!

Some of you may already know this, but I’m the columnist for JET Magazine’s “Giving You the Gospel” section. What does that mean? Every Sunday will feature an inspirational post on www.jetmag.com. Be sure to check it out!

This week I had a chance to interview gospel singer Jonathan McReynolds. This was extra special to me, because Jonathan is a friend of our family. He sung at my surprise engagement & even sang while I walked down the aisle at our wedding.

Jonathan gave me the scoop about the meaning behind the name of his sophomore album “Life Music: Stage 2”, and his side gig. Check it out:

Gospel star Jonathan McReynolds never wanted to be a singer. As a matter of fact, the self-proclaimed nerd is one to shun the spotlight, never wanting to bring too much attention to himself. Ironically, God gave Jonathan a gift that takes him all over the globe, sharing songs of inspiration in front of thousands of people. It’s safe to say McReynolds has become the millennial voice of gospel music. Not too “churchy,” but never compromising his faith, it’s easy to see why he’s becoming everyone’s favorite gospel singer. We had a chance to speak with the 25-year-old native of Chicago about the upcoming release of his sophomore album “Life Music: Stage 2,” and his side gig as a teacher at his alma mater.

JET: You have become the millennial voice of gospel, almost like this generation’s “Kirk Franklin.” How does it feel?

Jonathan McReynolds: I call it a blessing. It’s something I would never, ever think of myself. It’s been a blessing just writing about my experiences, my friend’s experiences, and our conversations really resonate with a lot of people in my generation. It’s a blessing to know that transparency and honesty, is what made the gospel so good in the first place. I’m glad that my music is doing the same thing.

JET: As a child, was it your dream to be a singer?

Jonathan McReynolds: No, not at all. I’m a nerd, an introvert, and never wanted to be in the front at all. I only started singing in front of people because girls liked it in high school, and it gave me more confidence.

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