Former Stud Jackie Hill-Perry & Others Share “When God Said Yes” Love Stories

by Friday, September 11, 2015


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If you’re new to my blog, you must know 2 weeks ago I launched two books: “When God Said Yes” (hardcover) & “The 30 Day Man Fast” (e-book). Leading up to the launch, I featured 3 #WhenGodSaidYes love stories from women who have inspired the world with their testimonies. These stories were featured on Black & Married With Kids. Here’s a snippet of Jackie’s story:

Jackie Hill Perry has a story like no other. Once a lesbian, in 2009 Jackie released a poem entitled “My Life As A Stud”, chronicling her transition from homosexual to heterosexual. Today Jackie is married and a mother to a beautiful baby girl. We had a chance to chat with Jackie about her unique love story and why it’s imperative for women to wait for God to say yes.

BMWK: What were you doing before you met your husband?

Jackie: Prior to coming to know Jesus in October 2008, the only meaningful relationship I ever had was with a woman. So, during the first few year’s of trying to understand life through the lenses of surrender, I had a lot of challenges: “Who will I marry?”, “Will I be genuinely attracted to them or will I secretly want a girl instead?” are a few of the questions I rehearsed on occasion.

I was pretty sure that God didn’t call me to singleness, but how me being in a relationship with a man would flesh itself out kept me still. Still- as in, patient with life as I knew it. There was a lot of healing that needed to take place within, so I chose to focus on learning how to live.

BMWK: How did you and Preston meet?

Jackie: After discovering that I had a knack for creative writing in the form of poetry, I spent much of my time traveling to different churches in my hometown of St. Louis to perform. I eventually got introduced to a ministry by the name of The Passion For Christ Movement (P4CM for short).

They had an event called The Lyricist Lounge in Los Angeles that was growing like wildfire due to their presence on social media. Through some sovereign led instances, I ended up being invited to feature on their stage around 2009. During the show, two poets walked on stage to do a poem entitled “Soul Ties”.

One was a young woman with wood brown locks and deep Nigerian skin by the name of Itohan. The other was a 5’7, crooked cap wearing, Chicago bred, young black poet named Preston Perry. I didn’t care to know either of them to be honest, I was more intrigued about what would tumble out of their mouths. As I heard them “spit”, the skill and passion captivated me.

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