My First Nigerian Wedding!

by Monday, July 14, 2014

nativewearYori Yori! Hey boos hey! If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (@nikkiandthecity), you already know this past weekend I was in my first Nigerian wedding. My beloved friend Ruth married her forever man James. It was a celebration indeed. I was so humbled and blessed to be a bridesmaid. I’ve watched Ruth patiently wait for the man God has for her, so I must admit: I cried when she came down the aisle. I blame her sisters :) Can I just say Nigerians par-TAY? I didn’t get home to almost midnight, but it was all worth it. I love you Ruth and James <3

Getting glammed for the ceremony

hairandmakeupI’m in love with my wedding date… #September6th

weddingdateMemories never to be forgotten <3

ruthweddingMy African King. #HisQueenToBe

myafricankingMr. & Mrs. Awam…so beautiful <3

theawamsP.S. Did you guys know the bride and groom gets sprayed with money at Nigerian weddings? Can we do this at my wedding? I may be Nigerian, if you search my lineage :)


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  • Renee
    July 21, 2014

    Lovely pics, especially the ones with you and your fiance. I just got a couple ideas for some cloth that I got from Ghana. Peace / Blessings.

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