Did You Know There’s A Farm On the South Side of Chicago?

by Wednesday, June 17, 2015

IMG_6053Let me find out I’ve been sleep on this hidden jewel my entire life as a Chicagoan. Okay, so you guys know my friend Ariel of Sweet Bloom Cupcakes? Well, in the past she’s mentioned the fact that her dad has a nature center. This summer I’m all about festivals and farmer’s markets, so when Ariel invited us to the center’s farmer market located on 43rd st., I was in for a surprise.

PSA: I’m never eating store bought eggs again. I purchased a dozen of FRESH eggs from the farmer’s market and my life has been transformed. They’re smaller than store bought eggs, but they’re au natural and extremely fresh. I literally met the chickens that hatched the eggs, lol.

After visiting the farmer’s market, Ariel wanted to give us a tour of the nature center, which is perfectly named Eden Place. Although Eden Place is located in the middle of the city, you forget where you are once you walk through its gates. As soon as I stepped inside I was greeted by Brownie. Isn’t he cute? Time for a selfie!

IMG_6037Not only were there ponies, but they also have geese, ducks, and the faithful chickens.


 Classes are held year-round teaching on Chicago history, farming, decomposing, and more!


IMG_5992For more information about Eden Place Nature Center click here. Tell them Nikki sent you :)


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