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by Sunday, August 23, 2015


34-year old Tasha Cobbs has an undeniable powerhouse voice that’s caused her to soar to the top of gospel charts. In 2013, Cobbs released her debut album “Grace” full of songs that you’re bound to hear at any church in America, on any given Sunday. But none of that has gone to her head. The Georgia native simply has a heart for God, and wants to please him. Tasha recently released her second album “One Place LIVE”. Find out why she doesn’t feel any pressure to have a great second album, and how she’s been able to stay grounded while living in the limelight.

JET: Tell us about your new album One Place LIVE and the meaning behind the name.
Tasha Cobbs: About 17 years ago, my mother introduced a song to us that she’d gotten in her sleep. I could never write anything to go with it, but last year I was finally able to write the song. Also, the other songs on the album, they bring you to that one place that you desire to be with Jesus, no distractions, focusing solely on him. We added “LIVE”, because about 5,000 people came in to be apart of the experience and you can hear them throughout the album worshipping and singing along.
JET: Your last album Grace was extremely popular. Congregations around the world were singing your songs for Sunday morning worship. Do you feel pressure to follow up with another great album?
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