Blondes Have More Fun, Lu Palmer House & Cruising in the Mazda 3 Touring!

by Tuesday, March 24, 2015


The saying “Blondes have more fun” just may have some truth in it. I was all nervous about how people would respond to my new “hurr” (hair). To my surprising, I’ve received NOTHING but compliments. I get them all day long. The other day I was editing in Robust Coffee on 63rd Woodlawn and an older Black woman kept staring at me. She apologized for staring, but couldn’t get over how pretty my hair is. Alright now. This blonde just may be my “thing” for the Spring & #SummerTimeChi :)


On top of my hair being on fleek, my buddies at Mazda dropped off the Mazda 3 Touring for a week, enabling my love for frolicking throughout the city. New hair. New car. Can it get any better than this? Yes, because on top of all this, the car they sent is Cherry Red. Dear Mazda, can I have it?

Meanwhile, Steve & I checked out Lu Palmer’s old home, located on 37th King Drive, in Bronzeville. Ummm why is this house empty? How can I make it mine?


It gets better…


┬áIn a perfect world, the Mazda 3 Touring would be mine, along with Lu Palmer’s old home. Hey, a girl can dream right? :)




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