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Black Girls Workout Too: Review


As you all know I am on the quest to have a banging wedding body. I mean why not? THIS is thee perfect year to transform myself. 1. I’m turning the big 3-0 in June. 2. I’m getting married late summer. Yep, it’s time.

Why am I just now discovering the goodness of home workouts? For some reason I never acknowledged them as a “real workout”. That was until I purchased Black Girls Workout Too. Mother & Daughter fitness duo, Ellen and Lana Ector, have created a fitness routine that  caters to the Black woman trying to “snatch it back”. I’ve only been doing it for a little over a week now, but it leaves me sore, and I definitely sweat during the workout. It’s also been hilarious to chuckle at Ellen and Lana’s comments “We gone get you those 1st Lady arms”, or “I’m gone make yo man love you”. Lol, yeah ya’ll Black for real.

I’m currently using their first video, but I plan on getting Black Girls Workout 2. Have you tried it? What were your results? Let me know!

P.S. In the video, Lana said she wants to be invited to our wedding, well Lana you are officially invited. Come on girl!


5 thoughts on “Black Girls Workout Too: Review

  1. Kris Cain

    I have never heard of this! Seems hysterical. I too am on a quest to get my banging wedding body ready. Heck, and post 2 sets of twins body. And I’ll be 40 in April and want to be fabulous body. You get the point! :) I may look into this. I hate working out, but I love to dance. So, I just started doing my XBox Zumba again, and I’m going to whip out my Hip Hop Abs DVDs again.

    I can feel the soreness already. :)


  2. GangStarrGirl

    OMG, how cool is this that it’s a mother and daughter duo. I’d love to try this! I need to get back in shape too lol. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, lady!

  3. Kim

    I have Black Girl Workout 2, and I am absolutely obsessed. I have completed 4 workouts only, and I see slight changes already. My friend lost 17 lbs in a month (following the included meal plan). You will need a mat, kettlebell (I use 10 lbs), and pair of dumbbells (I use 5 lbs). I mean, they left no stone unturned with this one. I do not own the first one (read and watched a ton of reviews), but those that have both seem to unanimously think that the second one is better (edit-wise, warm up, cool down, intensity and more variety).

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