Be Ready For What You Pray For : Life Update

by Monday, July 6, 2015


“I’m tired, Effie I’m tired.” #mood

What did you guys do on July 4th? Steve & I went to the Hyde Park parade with a few friends, had lunch at PorkChop, and came home to figure out the rest of the day. It turns out there was absolutely nothing to figure out, because we stayed home the rest of the day, and it was beloved. I took a nap, caught up with OITNB while I took out my braids, and enjoyed fro-yo from ZBerry.  We also lucked up on a firework show in the alley behind our apartment. Steve called it “The alley finale”. LOL.

My Sunday after the 4th, went a little something like this: had breakfast, cleaned up kitchen, made lunch, sat down to write this post (and more), washed & twisted my hair, and prepped for the week. In the midst of the day I realized something… I wasn’t ready.

I am in the midst of an EXTREMELY busy season. I’m on the cusp of launching my first book “When God Said Yes”. I contribute to Black & Married with Kids, and I just accepted a new position that I will announce soon. On top of that I’m married, I have a family, a full-time job, and other projects in the works. Life. Is. Cray. Cray. My mind is ALWAYS going. I can’t even stop it. I don’t know how NOT to work. I’m always sleepy, and I yearn for a vacation. Oh to be able to leave my laptop behind, lose my phone, and not have a care in the world. That would be glorious!

But it hasn’t always been like this. Have you had a chance to read my post “Your Life Can Change in 6 Months“? If not, read that first, then continue with this post. Confession session: I should have listened to my husband. Months ago, in the midst of my dry season, Steve told me he believed God was giving me time to finish my book, and I was going to have a break-out year. I believed, but my unbelief suffered. Instead taking time to finish my book and perfect other projects I was working on, I complained about not having a full-time job in my field, and feared doors would never open for me. I thought I had faith, but now I’m second guessing myself. One of favorite quotes is:

“Preparation is the highest act of faith”.

So why was I half-way preparing? I made a vision board (pictured above) of goals I wanted to reach in 2015. I was sowing seeds, watering them, praying over them, and was surprised when a harvest came.

Now I’m over here downloading every calendar and list app, in the means to stay organized, and my time has become more precious than ever.

What am I trying to say? Be ready for what you pray for. God hears his children when they cry out to him (Jeremiah 29:12). Why are we surprised when he answers us?

Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us… Ephesians 3:20

I’ve quoted this scripture, but can’t say I really believed that he would actually do ‘exceeding abundantly above all’ part for little ole me. And the same applies to you. What are you praying for? No matter how big or small it may seem, I encourage you to prepare as you pray, because God is behind the scenes diligently working to answer your prayer. Yup :) Believe. #WhenGodSaidYes


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  • Bliss Life
    July 7, 2015

    Very inspiring and interesting posts. It real put into perspective the downtime I had, and I can see how things are getting busier and busier but prayer has prepared me and sustains me! Great post! I’ve subscribed and look forward to reading more.

  • Precious
    July 7, 2015

    Super happy for you! And that scripture came right on time.

  • Kerissa
    July 7, 2015

    As I sit here reading this post and listening to worship music (specifically Shana Wilson’s Have Your Way Flow) I’m reminded once again that I am not forgotten. I usually travel a bit during the summer and veg out (I’m an educator) but this summer was turned upside down within the first week. I’m also a single mom and usually get some time to myself while my son visits his father and family. This year his trip to church camp and visiting his dad came back to back. I’m in my 2nd of 4 weeks of being alone but NOT LONELY. I said to the Lord yesterday that I want Him to take this time to build me up in the Word (meaning I have to study), to increase my prayer life (meaning I have to unplug from social media and pray more) and to speak to me. I need my mind ot be quiet so I can hear His plans regarding my future. I took my vision board down but I think I need to go back to it and seek God really intimately. I believe this time is preparation for my future. Stopping by your blog I am once again encouraged in the Lord. Thank you my Sister in Christ. Amen!

  • Mylah
    July 7, 2015

    Be ready! I hear you loud and clear. Thanks for this post. I’m in the “waiting room” right now and have even grown a little weary, but I know I must start to prepare myself for what is to come. Thank you for this reminder and congratulations on the open doors!

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