Nikki Carpenter, also known as Nikki and The City, is an lifestyle writer and blogger from Chicago. Focusing on pop culture and faith, Nikki’s work has been featured in Huffington Post, ESSENCE, and JET, just to name a few. Nikki is also the author of “When God Said Yes” & “The 30 Day Man Fast”, which is available for purchase here.

As a young girl, Nikki was intrigued with the people “inside the TV” (actors) and the way their story quickly transitioned on the screen (editing). She desired to be an actor and become one of those people who appeared on the screen and told a story. Her mom – who worked as an cosmetologist- and dad – who worked as an actor – always inspired their daughter to follow her dreams. They created a solid foundation for her by encouraging her to love God, to know and embrace her African-American culture, and to celebrate her beautiful brown skin.

While studying at Columbia College in Chicago, Nikki decided that it was actually her destiny to not only act, but to produce and edit content and create multi-media platforms that allowed real stories to be told. She quickly altered her educational journey and enrolled at North Park University in Chicago, where she received her B.F.A. in Communication Arts – concentrating in Media Studies, with a minor in Africana Studies. While in college she was responsible for organizing several pivotal African-American history tours and workshops that encouraged students of different backgrounds to have in-depth conversations that explored cultural and racial biases. After college, Nikki accepted a year long internship with Dr. John Perkins in Jackson, MS. Nikki was the Communications Coordinator & transcriber of his upcoming book “Love is the Final Fight”.

In addition to producing content, Nikki – who has always been a cheerful giver – has volunteered with various organizations, from Africa to Mexico – giving her time and resources to rebuild communities. Since college she has also worked in communications and programming for several non-profits.

After producing content for other media channels, Nikki knew it was time that the world hear officially hear her unique point of view via her own media platform. Hence, in June 2009, Nikki created Nikki and The City, a blog that quickly grew a large audience and provided Nikki an outlet to express her point of view.

Outside of Nikki and The City, Nikki is a regular contributor to JET Magazine, and Black & Married With Kids.

When Nikki was seventeen years old John 15:5 changed her life. Since then it has been her mission to be used by God to change the lives of others.

To learn more about Nikki Carpenter click here.

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