5 Ways You’re Using Facebook Dead Wrong

by Wednesday, April 9, 2014
Photo credit: blabitcanada.com

Photo credit: blabitcanada.com

I wasn’t mad when Facebook changed their standard from exclusively having college students to everyone being allowed to have their own profile. I actually enjoy interacting with all of my family and friends on Facebook. As anyone else, I’ve had my ups and down with Facebook, but for the most part I love how it allows us to keep up with loved ones near and far. HOWEVER, y’all sure know how to abuse the mess out of Facebook and it’s killing me, lol. So, I made a list of 5 Ways You’re Using Facebook Dead Wrong. If you’re guilty of any of these please stop immediately. Thanks!

1. Newsflash: GOD IS NOT ON FACEBOOK! I’m always bewildered by the folks who post super long prayers on Facebook, especially when they start off addressing God. God is not on Facebook. I will not pray to him on there and you shouldn’t either. It’s just weird.

eyeroll2. You’re on Facebook, but no one ever knows. I call these the “Ghosts of Facebook”. They see your pictures and statuses, but NEVER like them. However, they can tell you almost EVERY detail about what you post. Ummm are you working for the IRS or FBI? What exactly is your purpose of being on Facebook?

3. You use Facebook to rant, too much. OMG, no one wants to hear about how you’re officially single again, blah blah blah. We just don’t.

4. You take every little thing personal. I’m pretty sure that every “subliminal status” isn’t about you, so before you work yourself up get details first. However, remember people aren’t thinking about you that much. They’re just not.

no-baby-no-gif5. Facebook depresses you. I wrote an article entitled “Stop Instagramming Your Perfect Life”, which can be found here. The same rules apply to Facebook. Sometimes we’re so impressed with what others are posting on FB, that we actually begin to believe that everyone’s life is perfect except our own. Of course people only post the good that’s occurring in their life, and to be honest that’s what’s expected. So cheer up, buttercup. It’s just Facebook :)

Can you think of more ways people are using Facebook dead wrong? Sound off below!


2 Responses
  • Bernetta
    April 30, 2014

    So funny and so true!

    • MsLady
      October 1, 2014

      Wow..I was just thinking about the prayers this morning. I see many people that praise Him daily on FB. That’s just wrong.

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