3 times is a charm: My week in photos

by Tuesday, August 6, 2013


What up my peoples?!?! I hope you guys are well! I really do. This week was quite weird. Chicago decided to revert back to Fall like temperatures in the middle of summer, causing me not to understand life. I was the ultimate foodie of desserts this week and will definitely be paying for it in the gym. I didn’t attend Lollapalooza, but covered a Rolling Stone & Gain event which was CRAY CRAY. Stay tuned for that post. Productivity was definitely my friend this week. I was able to get a lot of work done and finally get a few projects off the ground. Also, I committed to Luvvie’s #31WriteNow challenge, which means I will be posting EVERYDAY for the entire month of August. I’m scared! Aight, I got this, cause God got me. Ya’ll ready for another week? Chin up, chest out, you better WORK!

I deserved fro yo after a rough day of work…


Green tea… Okay I’m starting to feel greedy… I promise I have pics that don’t include food :)


Maybe not :-/ Fresh fruit…


The Hunger Games + Chinese Food = My Friday night


Headed downtown :)


I witnessed my first Bollywood wedding in the middle of downtown Chicago! 


Ended the week with a good ole classic Sunday dinner…


Now do you understand why I’ll be crying in the gym this week? Help me Lord! Have a productive week ya’ll!

Your cousin Nikki

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