3 Reasons Why I’m ALMOST Here For Kenya & Phaedra’s Prayer #RHOA

by Tuesday, April 7, 2015


I’ve been reluctantly, yet faithfully keeping up with ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ every Sunday. I seriously can’t tell you how much this season has officially rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe I didn’t notice it in the past or maybe I’ve grown leaps & bounds, but I don’t remember #RHOA being THIS messy. I’m accustomed to the guaranteed shade throwing, but this season literally consists of the ladies gossiping about each other in EVERY scene. I’m slightly convinced #RHOA may have run its course and have nothing to talk about anymore, because the drama has reached a new level of “unnecessary”. Shameless plug: If Bravo producers and writer’s need fresh ideas for pilots or reality shows, please feel free to contact me :) This season just seems boring… and pointless. However, Sunday’s episode managed to catch my attention.

I can’t lie, I was lowkey anxious to see “the talk” with Phaedra and Kenya. They’ve had their ups and downs for YEARS now, consisting of the “Battle of the Booty” and allegedly Apollo’s affection. Phaedra is the “Southern Belle” who’s known to cut you with her words and Kenya just may be her match, so this conversation was bound to be full of shade. However, it was the exact opposite.

Here are 3 reasons¬†why I’m ALMOST here for Kenya and Phaedra’s prayer:

  1. It shows MAJOR growth. They could have sat there and called each other everything but a child of God. Hey, it’s happened before. Instead they had a mature, adult conversation and sealed it with a prayer. Alright, we see ya’ll.
  2. It allows God to help them. How many times have they gone to other housewives to help reconcile relationships, and it only made matters worse? They did the correct thing by addressing their issues ALONE, without the other ladies instigating on the sideline, and ultimately giving it to God.
  3. It was a low-key slap in the face to women of God watching. As I watched them pray, I couldn’t help but to think of how many times us as Christian women have failed to handle friction as graceful as Kenya and Phaedra were able to.

Beautiful. Just beautiful. I was ALMOST here for it. Why almost? I couldn’t help but to reminisce on the time Steve and I filmed “The Virgin Coaches” for TLC. There was a scene where the producers wanted Steve and I to pray. Well, we always pray, so that wasn’t an issue. It’s just weird to pray on demand from a producer, with camera men filming you. I struggled with wondering if my prayer was sincere or not, which causes me to wonder about the sincerity of Kenya and Phaedra’s prayer. Was it from their hearts? Or did the producers instruct them to pray?

We’ll never know, and time will reveal the motives of their hearts. Lord knows I hope that was an authentic moment, because it ALMOST touched my heart. Hopefully this is the start of a new wave of positivity among the Real Housewives of Atlanta.¬†*fingers crossed*


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