10 reasons why the government ain’t bout that life

by Saturday, October 12, 2013
photo credit: redbubble.com

photo credit: redbubble.com

Is the government STILL shut down? Ugh. Why is this being dragged on for so long? Of course the streets are flat out saying the root of the issue is racism. God forbid President Obama actually does something for the greater good of Americans and go down in history as the first president to provide health care for everyone. God forbid. I’ve come to the conclusion that some members of the government are living in a utopia, oblivious to the real world. Have they not heard that the struggle is real? Here are 10 reasons why the government ain’t bout that life.


They never had the luxury of waiting in a public aid office or ER with no


195,729,505,850,357,350 hours can pass and it STILL won’t be your turn.

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