I couldn’t believe it happened to me. My first heartbreak came from a man of God. He was actually the son of a preacher, with aspirations to lead his own flock one day. Out of all the silly, mediocre relationships I’d been in that amounted to nothing, I just knew I hit the jackpot when I started dating my man of God. I just knew we’d get married and live happily ever after. Why? Because, he was a Christian man. He wouldn’t leave me. He wouldn’t break my heart. Blah blah, blah… I can’t decide what hurt me the most: the fact that he chose another woman over me, or the fact that a man of God actually broke my heart.

Japanese Osaka Garden

Japanese Osaka Garden

This morning Chicago broke a new record of being -8 degrees outside. How is that even possible? Every Chicagoan sounds like a broken record when winter shows her ugly face, because we all post the same classic Facebook status of “Why do I still live here?”. Trust me, Atlanta, Miami, Texas, and California sounds extremely nice right about now.


Tomorrow is National Single Awareness Day! Or as some like to call it, Valentine’s Day. This will be my first Valentine’s Day as a married woman, but to be honest, it’s not a big deal in our home. Why? We love on each other EVERY day. What’s funny is I spent so many Valentine’s super depressed when I was single. If I only knew then, what I know now. And what’s that you say? The importance of loving on ME. That’s right, whether single, married, or booed up, self love is KING.

I’ve teamed up with Liquid Courage Cosmetics, to share 3 ways I’m loving on me this February. Check it out: