Blogging While Brown Recap #InspiredMobility

11535928_837075457587_2642577007763100876_nInhale. Exhale. Repeat. Okay, now that it’s been a week since I returned home from Blogging While Brown, I think I’m back on track. So much has been happening. SO much, chile. However, I’d be a fool not to share all the goodness that went down at Blogging While Brown in Austin last week. It goes a little something like this… Continue reading

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My Book Launch is Coming to a City Near You

officialbooktourimageSo, if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you already saw my special announcement this morning. Yes, my “When God Said Yes” book launch tour kicks off two months from TODAY! Continue reading

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Your Life Can Change In 6 Months, Keep the Faith #BirthdayPost


Today is my 31st birthday. Yes, I am OFFICIALLY deep into my 30’s. I say deep, because I can no longer say last year I was in my 20’s, lol.

I haven’t done this in awhile, but yesterday I stayed up until midnight and literally counted down to June 26, 2015. Why? This year is different, and finally… better. Continue reading

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Can We Be Human, Yet Also Divine? #Charleston

photo credit:

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“To err is human, to forgive is divine.”

Can we be human?

I’ve been trying to write about the Charleston massacre. I really have been trying. However, there was one major problem: I didn’t have anything to say. What could I say of value, that I haven’t said before? Can we go just ONE week without having to defend our melanin? Can we be normal just for one week? Can we have one week free from police brutality? Seriously, just one week? It’s tiring. In the words of Desiree Bowie from Madame Noire, “Black Fatigue Is Real”.  Continue reading

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Did You Know There’s A Farm On the South Side of Chicago?

IMG_6053Let me find out I’ve been sleep on this hidden jewel my entire life as a Chicagoan. Okay, so you guys know my friend Ariel of Sweet Bloom Cupcakes? Well, in the past she’s mentioned the fact that her dad has a nature center. This summer I’m all about festivals and farmer’s markets, so when Ariel invited us to the center’s farmer market located on 43rd st., I was in for a surprise. Continue reading

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Headed to Blogging While Brown


Some say you shouldn’t share your political or religious views on your blog, because it may scare brands away. However, I’ve never been able to master that discipline, even when I really tried. Eventually, I became intentional about aligning my faith into my brand, hence the tagline “Pop Culture, Faith, Lifestyle”. Continue reading

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